Effective Date: 1 November 2019
Last Updated: 15 May 2020

Kindly read and understand this terms and conditions (the “policy”) carefully before using the service rendered from Super Motor Co. (the “Super Motor”), or mobile applications provided by supermotor.com.my (the “site” or “website”). Products and services hereinafter referred to as “Product”. Upon usage of this website and any other form of related applications, you are legally bound and agreed to Super Motor Co.’s terms and conditions.

This agreement is applicable to all users of the site (the “user”), including but not limited to Super Motor customers, clients, agents, vendors, merchants, or contributors to any form of content, materials, information and services.

1. Membership Account

To create a Super Motor membership account, a valid email address is required. Super Motor’s listing and services may only be used by individuals who are 18 years old and above. By registering with Super Motor, you represent that you are at least 18 years old and all registration information submitted are accurate. In its sole discretion, Super Motor may refuse to offer access to use the website to any individual and change its eligibility criteria at any time. Individual under the age of 18 may use Super Motor’s website and services only in conjunction under the supervision of a parent of legal guardian who is at least 18 years old.

You comply and agree to keep password secured and to not share with any other party. Super Motor will not be liable to any damage due to loss of password. You may not transfer or sell your Super Motor account, ID, or Super Motor Point. You are responsible for all policies and law applicable when using Super Motor. Please read Super Motor’s Privacy Policy of which is incorporated herein by reference and of which may be updated by Super Motor from time to time without any prior notice to all user.

Super Motor, and other Super Motor graphics, logos, artworks, designs, service names that are visible from the website or any other promotional advertisements are Super Motor’s registered trademarks. You may not use these trademarks about any other product or service in any manner, unless otherwise approved by Super Motor.

2. Online Platform

Super Motor serves as an online platform to allow users who abide Super Motor’s policies to purchase goods, products or services from Super Motor. Super Motor main service is to provide sale and repair service of motorcycle related items to users.

As a Super Motor user, browsing website is free of charge. Any purchase made on Super Motor are obliged to comply to the laws and regulations stated in Super Motor’s policies.

You need an internet connection to use Super Motor, any lags or long buffering period is expected, depending on the speed of your internet and server service provider. Super Motor do not promise real time accuracy, there might be cases where a product has been purchased but not displayed on Super Motor website instantly.

3. Content and Services

All the information, which includes the content, images and descriptions, on Super Motor represents opinion based on Super Motor own experiences and research. Users are advised to exercise their own due diligence, judgment and discretion in assimilating the content. If any of the information that is provided by user found to be fictitious content or services, Super Motor has the right to terminate the user’s account with its available Super Motor Point confiscated with immediate effect. Super Motor does not hold responsibility for content added by users, and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or losses caused by such content, including without limitation, copyrighted materials from other sources. Super Motor is not liable for the accuracy of the data provided by users or third party through the website.

You are not licensed to add any Super Motor user to your email or physical mail list. For more information, see Super Motor’s Privacy Policy. Super Motor will not release or share personal information, email address and will solely be used within Super Motor, unless otherwise stated in Super Motor’s policies. Should you use Super Motor’s services via a third-party application, there might be potential infringement by other party, and Super Motor will not hold responsible for that.

4. Users Interactions and Meetups

Users shall inform Super Motor if there is any changes on the booking, else users may receive punishment or penalty. In the event a dispute arises between you and Super Motor, please contact Super Motor at info@supermotor.com.my, or via whichever contact method applicable. Super Motor has no obligation to resolve disputes between users or external parties. Should the dispute be uncontrollable, Super Motor will refer the issue to local law enforcement.

5. Products

Product(s) listed on Super Motor is fully functional to serve its purpose/function. Upon collection/delivery, the Product(s) is broken/damaged due to unforeseen situation, Super Motor will investigate and proceed for a replacement.

6. Charges

All product price, shipping charges (if applicable), and any other fees shall be made full payment during checkout in “Site”. There shall not be any payment or fees during local pickup or delivery.

7. Payment Method

User can make payment to Super Motor to book the products via Internet or ATM Bank Transfer, PayPal or Stripe, which including but not limited to the product price and shipping charges (if applicable). For payment via Internet or ATM Bank Transfer, order will not be processed until we have verified the funds have been cleared in our account. It’s user responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the transferred funds, which the order ID has to be included in payment reference and the payee account as stated in email sent by Super Motor upon checkout. Super Motor will not be responsible for any error caused by user or third party and user agrees to provide accurate information.

8. Point System

Any user registered with Super Motor is deemed accepted and entitled to the use of Super Motor Point System (the “Point System”). The point system is a digital reward programme managed by Super Motor where users can enjoy promotional benefits and/ or privileges and accumulate Super Motor points to redeem for any service provided by Super Motor site, including but not limited to Super Motor business partners and sponsors. Super Motor reserves the rights to utilize the point system as a form of benefits and/ or privileges for promotional events, referrer program, and remuneration for any exchange of content or service provided by Super Motor employees. Super Motor point is deemed as one of the rightful payment method to offset the cost upon checkout in site. By default, a unit of Super Motor Point is equivalent of RM 0.01. At no scenario can this point be ever exchange, sold in exchange of cash or other equivalent unit of currency. The users are allowed to publicize the referral link using various medium such as Facebook, Twitter and other social network but is only limited to personal usage and not for commercial usage.

9. Evidence of Transaction

Upon making payment for the order, a copy of order receipt along with order reference number will be e-mailed to the user as a proof of transaction. An updated order receipt will be e-mailed to user once the order has been cancelled or refunded to user’s account.

10. Authorization

If a third party is appointed or authorized to act on behalf of the user to perform any obligations stated under this policy, the authorized party must be responsible for the conduct of its appointee and liable for any loss or damage or delay caused by the appointee. User have to inform Super Motor with such arrangement to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Super Motor reserves the right to understand the situation as user fails to collect the product(s).

11. Prohibited Uses

12. Inspection

User acknowledges that user has had an opportunity to personally inspect the product, and finds it suitable for user’s needs and in good condition, and that user understands its proper use. User further acknowledges user’s duty to inspect the product prior to use and notify Super Motor of any defects.

13. Cancellation & Refund

User is entitled to cancel an order in less than and up to 2 days after placing the order, for which Super Motor will refund the total paid subtotal including shipping charges, if applicable. However, the cancellation is not available once the product is with our logistic company before the request of the cancellation. User understands that in order to get any refund, it’s required to write in to info@supermotor.com.my and state the booking reference number to be cancelled.

14. Warranties

There are warranties of merchantability or fitness, either expressed or implied. Most of our products have their warranty given by our supplier, it may valid for 1 month, 3 months or even up to 2 years.

16. Law, Jurisdiction, Venue

This policy and all matters relating to it will be governed by the laws of Malaysia. Both parties agree that the courts of Malaysia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute in conjunction with this policy. Any notices shall be delivered to a party at the addresses first listed above. The Parties are independent parties, each acting in its name and for its own purpose. Nothing in this policy shall be deemed to constitute, create, give effect to or otherwise recognize a partnership, agency, joint venture or formal business entity of any kind. Neither party may assign, modify, or amend this policy without the express written consent of the other party. If any provisions of this policy are held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, such provisions shall be limited to the minimum extent necessary and replaced with a valid provision that best embodies the intent of this policy so that this policy shall remain in full force and effect.