Fully Synthetic – Double Ester

Estremo HeatPro Fully Synthetic 4-stroke motor oil has been specially formulated from a special blend of selected high quality Double Ester synthetic base fluids and HeatPro additive technology to deliver superior performance and protection for 4-stroke engine motorcycles. With the tagline “ The Hotter, The Better “, HeatPro technology will bring a new riding experience to bikers. Highly recommended for race bikes with dry or wet clutch, bike engines running at very high rpm and high temperatures, speed bikes, endurance etc.

Customer Benefits

  •  Maintains power and performance at high temperatures
  • Excellent lubrication and wear protection under challenging riding conditions
  • Stable viscosity at high temperatures
  • Outstanding thermal oxidation stability
  • Anti-clutch slippage and smoother gear change
  • No engine oil overheat
  • Lower vibration and engine noise

Typical Specifications

SAE Grade
Kinematic Viscosity mm²/s @ 40°C
Kinematic Viscosity mm²/s @100°C
Density kg/m³
Viscosity Index
Pour Point, °C
Flash Point, °C

** The specifications given above are obtained with a standard tolerance threshold during production and may not be considered accurate specifications

Recommendations For Use

Before using the product, please refer to vehicle’s user guide. Oil changes should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations