Pennzoil Fastrac RX 2T is specially formulated to withstand the punishment of high RPM’s, stop-and go street riding and dusty road conditions.

Pennzoil Fastrac RX 2T is specially formulated with high quality lube stock-the kinds that already have outstanding natural lubricating properties. The lube stock is then fortified with special additives that were developed to meet the exacting needs of hard-working motorcycle engines.


Pennzoil Fastrac RX 2T is recommended for air-cooled two-stroke engines which require 2T lubricants. This includes most applications which do not specifically meet NMMA (BIA) TC-W11 standards.


  • Ensures quick starts-up and faster accelerations
  • Cleans and protects exhaust and engine systems
  • Prevents spark plug fouling
  • Formulated to allow easy mixing of oil petrol


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